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Donation Based

I'm not an officially permitted hike guide, so I cannot advertise fees or rates of any sort for Hiking Tours in respect of the National Forest Service and Sedona's regulations. 

What does that all mean? Simple, I can provide Spiritual Guidance, Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth and Stupa Tours as well as Crossing Over ceremonies and we can also hike together. We hike as friends and after we are done, if you feel compelled to offer me a donation to help support my efforts, it will be graciously accepted.  

All my hikes are designed to bring a more balanced understating of our spiritual self as well as skills to continue that journey. I also provide insights to life's questions and clarity in how Love and Forgiveness can work for us. As part of the 'Friends of the Forest, my goal is to ensure anyone I meet will be as safe as possible and respectful of the land we share. 


My "Job" here in Sedona is to help the land heal from all that it gives to millions of people each year. The "energy" that is here can be a catalyst for all beings to heal but we have to heal from within. Hiking may bring you peace and harmony with the earth, but you need to work on the 'Inside' to be healed! 


During my excursions, I play my American Indian hand made flutes or maybe set the tone with my drum. I might chant and harmonize with the sounds of the land. Every time I hike, I play my hand-made Navajo Flutes to the contours of this land in honor of the sacred existence of all things.

I share with you this humble prayer (in Lakota) that I share with the land every time I perform a ceremony:

Pilimahyaya Waken Tanka na mitakye owasinj.

Pilimahyaya Maka Ina' na Ina'.

Pilimahyaya Cante Topa, Akan, Kuta na Imahel.

Mitakye owasinj micinjcala.

Mitakye owasinj Wanka.

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