Full-Day Exploration


Sedona has endless places to explore. Seams, Ravines, Caves, Creases, Ancient Lands, Verticles...you get the idea.

In order to truly explore Sedona, you have to know what the terrain is like and how to hike it, otherwise, you may be putting your life at risk. Truth is, Sedona can be brutal if you don't pay attention to the environment, your conditions or your skill level. With countless options, it also has countless hazards. Without a Guide to educate and teach you, you may become one of the statistics. This is not a scare tactic, it is the ugly truth! We average 2-300 Search and Rescues a year and many of those are due to people not having knowledge of the area or just flat out ignoring the signs and warnings.

Having your own Guide means you care about your safety and appreciate hiking the right way. Bear has been a guide in Sedona for over 10 years and has been involved in Search and Rescues as well as (and unfortunately) Search and Recovery. He understands fully what is required to keep you safe while having the most incredible hiking experience of your life.

A FULL-DAY Hike with Bear can lead you to Medicine Wheel ceremonies, sink hole exploration, seams that rise up into the peaks and summits, climbing or bouldering and everything in between. 

Plan on 6-8 hours for these as hiking the terrain isn't the only part of your adventure, the destination will captivate you for hours!

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