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The Natural-Path

The term; "Natural-Path" doesn't mean dealing with natural remedies and natural cures, however, it might just be like that for some people. When Bear uses the phrase, it means that he prefers to use Nature's Paths, not the Man-Made ones. With destinations that very few will follow, he ensures that his hikes are quiet and sublime with just the right amount of adventure and adrenaline.

Bringing us closer to nature can help us in finding balance and centering to our own beings. The energy provided by the Red Rocks has the natural way of doing so, but rarely will it happen when you hike among hundreds of other people on the "everyone hikes here" trails. That's why he focuses on a sacred journey of quiet, peaceful Natural-Path-ic adventures for the spirit and soul. 

"Healing does not come from sitting on our Red Rocks, it comes from Soul Work and deep Spiritual work within US!"

High above
Looking Eastward
7 Canyons
Wilson Mountain
Endless faces of Sedona
Seam work
Bell Rock Summit
Ground and Pound
Ruin Site
Experience the Beauty

Sedona's Red Rocks

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