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Building a Website isn't as simple as they show you on commercials and Ads. There is a lot more to it in order to make your website do exactly what you want it to do, when you want it to!

With Yava-Coco, you're going to learn about the details prior to paying a penny! You need to know the truth and not hear some sales pitch stating that your website can be done fast and cheaply. "I can make a website in 2 hours, but it would be exceptionally limited in capability" - Bear.


So why do you want to pay someone to do that?

Make the best decisions for your money! 

I specialize in small business models that want to appear like one of the Big Boys...but more importantly, PLAY like one of the Big Boys! 

  • E-Commerce - Selling your stuff online

  • Video creation, editing and publishing - Don't just throw it up on YouTube...make it stand out and possibly go viral!

  • Artistic Capabilities - Design a sweet Logo, modified images to showcase your product, creative assembly and colorschemes that catch the eye

  • Technical ROI - if you make a website, it is important to know if it is working like you expect. Analytics and data reporting is critical

"I thought I was OK with my website. I had no idea how powerful it could be! Bear showed me how to turn my website into a money-maker! I have incredible rankings on the Search Engines, I've learned how to read my Analytics to see which pages my guests are looking at and how long they look at it. He even created professional videos and artwork to make my site really Eye-Popping!" - Lora Reeder of Sedona Segway Tours

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