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Integrating the

God Consciousness

This may be a new concept for you, or maybe you've heard it before...or maybe you've been Waking Up and already connected to the Consciousness of God.
Either way, this Journey will bring you as Deep as you dare to go with everything you want to learn and implement about Connecting or Re-Connecting to God!
Let me teach you the ways of Co-Creating a Holy Relationship with God that will transcend your Highest-Self and open doors to a communion that has no limits in Dimensionality as you will learn how to go Directly to God and skip the "middle-man"!
I'll present to you the understanding of what The Christ truly is and how we have missed the mark for centuries thinking it was a man that "did" incredible things, when all during Jesus' walk, he was expressing that everything is about "going to the Father" by Living the Christ Life!
When you lock in this level of connection, your Vibration, Frequency and Energy will be in Epic proportions and will provide you with Opportunities to Gift that clarity to ALL of your Relationships. You can become "that person" when entering a room as you will BE the presence of God here on earth.  
Let this Journey take you into the Knowingness of the Divine BEing within you so you can walk as a Human BEing instead of a human doing! Let's walk in Peace on the Rocks and get to know our Father like never before!
This Journey is 3 Hours
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