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By Loralee Reeder

Soaring Bear

This Series of short Booklets will bring you to a 'Path To Recovery' in a deep and meaningful way. Each Booklet specializes in content to allow you to have FOCUS in a particular aspect of your Healing. We are not here to make money, we are here to HELP. That is why we made these Easy-to-follow Booklets instead of having you read a 500 page novel.


We know how hard it is to stay focused, so we created these short Kindle Booklets to help you become FREE from your Addiction! You can buy one at a time, any of them, or all of them, and since they are all less than $2.00 each, it is ridiculously affordable and a critical part of your Recovery.

Simply CLICK ON THE BOOKS and it will bring you to your Amazon Kindle Download Page for each book. We also have a link to find ALL of the books in one area to make buying them all much easier.

Booklet 1

Booklet 1.JPG

An Overview

Get insights and details on what it takes to recover from Addictions

Booklet 3


Our Thoughts Heal

We can retrain our brain to create Healing Thoughts

Booklet 5

Be Responsible Booklet.JPG

Walk the Walk

Stepping up and becoming Responsible for our Actions and Accountable for our Behaviors

Booklet 2


What We Believe

What we DO and how we ACT is driven from what we BELIEVE

Booklet 4

A Lifelong.JPG

A Life-Long Process

We need to know it is a Day By Day process that can last the rest of our lives.

Booklet 6

Setting Boundaries Booklet.JPG

How to Stay Safe

Building Boundaries will give us a "Safe" zone to be in while we grow into our Healing and as we Rebuild our lives.

Booklet 7


We are not Done

Once we decide to stop our addiction, it takes time to be able to resist the temptations to go back

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