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Retrain your Brain

Retraining your Brain simply means that in order to Clearly think without all the confusion, garble and chaos you're used to (that "Monkey-Mind), you need to find the reasons WHY your brain works the way it does. Why your "Human Condition" is the way it is. Get To step into the Paradigm Shift of your Beliefs!
Some people will tell you that it is your Thoughts that control your actions, but in Truth, the entirety of WHO you are every moment of every day is driven by the power of your Core Beliefs.
Let me bring you into the Clear understanding of what really makes you tick...AND talk the way you do today. Let me Guide you into the fullest of KNOWING YOU through your Beliefs, your level of Responsibility, your Attachments, Acceptance, Trust, your Emotional Awareness and then how to Heal your Core Wounds! 
This Journey is 3 Hours
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