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Sedona Elite

Hiker Series Guide Books

No matter what your age is or your skill set, we have the right guide book for you!


After hiking Sedona for more than a decade, I decided to let everyone in on the Best of the Best hikes in Sedona. This isn't your average list of Top 10 or Top 25, this is simply the most ELITE Hikes Sedona has to offer from her more than 150 total trails! These guide books are designed for people who want to focus on their skill set (not just hoping that a Top 10 list will work for them) and hike the Elite trails in Sedona. For you OR your Family, it will bring you the absolute BEST OF THE BEST for your Hiking pleasures!

Become one of the ELITE Hikers of Sedona and get YOUR books...TODAY!!!

Bad-Ass Hikes of Sedona Hiking Guidebook
The Elite Hikes of Sedona W-R-B 6x9.jpg
A Kid's Guide to Elite Hikes of Sedona F
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