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Sacred Spiritual Healing Journeys

Bridging the gap... 
Between your Brain, The Consciousness
and the American Indian Culture
One Step At A Time!
*Available as Land Sessions as well as Remote Zoom Sessions

A Sacred Spiritual Healing Journey is first and foremost, a sharing in Sacred Space. I Honor your need for Safety and Trust and your desire to reach within yourself with a Heart-Centered Soul that can bring you closer in the balance and centering of your BEing. Using tools such as a Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth, Drumming & Vocal Ceremony, Meditation, Sound & Frequency, Cognitive Awareness, as well as UnConditional Love (Renewal of Vows) & Crossing Over Ceremonies. Each of these tools can provide a unique, but exceptionally effective way to begin healing by grounding your energy with Earth Mother while raising your Soul & Spirit to soar to new heights Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

My Goal with you is to SIMPLIFY the Lessons and Tools required for you to Experience Healing. To provide you with an Outcome Oriented approach that will not feel overwhelming or complicated.


Meditation is where we may start! In my life, I had always sought my own Peace...but I truly didn't know what Peace was. I thought it was a thing to get when everyone around me simply just shut up. But I Know that its a State of BEing. An Awareness of Presence and a Consciousness of Knowing. I Simplify the process of Meditation for you so that it never feels like you "don't have time" or "aren't in the right place or space". 


The Medicine Wheel Journey is thousands of years old and will connect you deeper with Spirit/The Universe/The Creator/God and the energy of Earth Mother along with the Animal, Plant and Mineral Spirits as you learn about the American Indian Culture and the power of the Animal Totems and their symbiotic design with all living things. "Dance with the Wheel" in a process guided by several Tribal practices that I specialize in and dig deep into your conscious and sub-conscious mind unwrapping exactly WHO and WHERE you are in your NOW Moment and assist in finding your deepest issues or paths you are currently in, on, or seeking.


Along with a Sacred Journey with the Medicine Wheel, the Labyrinth is designed to prepare you for your Centering keeping focus on the here and now, while Healing Core Wounds from the past and bringing proper intentions to your future. Learn the design and purpose of a Labyrinth as you bring yourself to Center in PEACE!

Crossing Over Ceremonies can assist you in many ways. First, and foremost, it is designed to respectfully allow a deceased BEing (Humans and Animals alike!) to Cross Over to the Spirit World by Releasing any Old Wounds, Attachments or difficult memories still looming in your path using American Indian Traditions (following the Lakota, Ojibwa, Chippewa, Hopi and Abenaki traditions) to allow the Soul to ascend to it's rightful place in Spirit. Secondly, the Crossing Over Ceremony can be used to Release darker connections with past traumas and discord while addressing those things that keep you from moving forward in your life. Releasing those old habits, patterns and other Mental, Emotional and Spiritual struggles that are holding you back from attaining the Peace, Joy and Happiness you seek.

Hiking in Sedona has assisted millions of people in experiencing life-changing events. The formations and deep "Red" rocks are perfect for meditation, prayer, yoga and any other style of Spiritual Awakening. Walking the land here has assisted many people into Physical, Emotional and Spiritual balance and is just awe-inspiring with views that transcend our understanding of Earth Mother's Creation.

Though these 'Tools' can be critical in their design of awakening your spirit, they are not the source of our TRUE Healing. HEALING IS FROM WITHIN. It requires us to commit to Healing by ensuring our Healthy Beliefs remain in tact and are congruent with our Spiritual Knowingness. These Tools will assist you in clearing your pathway.

Our Path must include the understanding of the Consciousness with a higher power. Like a 12 Step Program, communing with a Higher Power (God, Creator, Spirit, The Great Mystery, Allah, Abba, The Universe, Nature, etc.) is a critical piece of Healing that ensures we remain in Peace and Love.  Finding your part in the Consciousness requires that we Believe it to be the Guidance from a Higher Power.


The American Indians have used a term; Manhi Sha Ochanku (Walking the Red Road). It means that as creatures (Beings) on this planet, we must always do the Next Right Thing. Not when it's convenient for us, but Always! Open doors for the elderly, give money to the less fortunate, share your gifts and talents for the sake of All. It's not something we do one or two hours a day, or when we felt like it. It's done with every thought, every action and every re-action Every Day! 


"God/Creator/Our Higher Power sees us as nothing but Love, however, we humans have a hard time viewing it the same way. Finding the Consciousness is the process for Awakening. Awakening is finding the Consciousness. Either way you look at it, we need to use what we can to find our way back to the LOVE BE-ings that we are and to share that Love with all."

~Soaring Bear~


To Schedule your personal Journey or to set up a Zoom Session or simply ask questions, email me at

Medicine Wheel
Sacred Journey Walk
Soaring Bear
Feeling the Land
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Meditation with Feminine Energy
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Awakening on the Land
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