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The Medicine Wheel

~ Connecting to Oneness through the power of the Medicine Wheel ~
A One-of-a-kind Experience here in Sedona. The Sacred Ceremony of Dancing with the Wheel is like nothing you have ever experienced before and that's because it is all about YOU and your Connections with the Spirit Keepers!
The Spirit Keepers of the Medicine Wheel are synchronistic with EVERYTHING the Earth has to offer us. Vibration, Frequency and Energy all connect with "Like" items. Since Everything has a Vibration, Frequency and Energy, it's natural that when we connect to ONE, we Connect to ALL within that same Frequency, Vibration or Energy. That's why we "connect" with certain people, places or things. We just GET it!
For Every Spirit Keeper Stone in this Medicine Wheel, there is an Animal, Color, Plant, Mineral or Elemental related to it. Therefore, during a simple Dance with the Wheel, you may not be Connecting to just a Spirit Keeper Stone as much as you're connecting to one, or ALL of the other Spirit Guides!
When you Dance with the Wheel, you’re preparing yourself to Learn the Medicine of your Connections to the Frequency of the Spirits. So when you Connect with ONE…you Connect with ALL of the Oneness of that Spirit Keeper!
Once your dance is through, I will sit with you and review your entire Journey step by step to explain the WHY behind your Dance with the Wheel. You might find out new aspects of WHO you are today. You may also bring Epic Healing to your old & new wounds, or find new ways of walking your walk in a Peaceful, Centered and Balanced way.
Come "Dance with the Wheel" in this time honored and culturally giving Sacred tool from the American Indians that has been reborn around the world from thousands of years of purposeful and Spiritual use from Tribe to Tribe.
Since I retired from the military in 1990, I have ensured that my Journey included the Medicine Wheel and it has been something I introduced my children, friends and other American Indians with the deep cultural connection with The Wheel.
Allow me to bring you an Experience like no other. Come and get a Feel for the Practices and Purpose of what living in such a rich and balanced lifestyle was like and how it can easily be YOUR new way of living. I'll Guide you into the best way of Connecting with the Spirit Keeper Stones and it's partnered Spirit Guides as you journey deep within your Soul to Experience a Connection with Earth Mother like never before! 
Ideal for 1-2 People, but larger groups can be provided
(*times will differ greatly with larger groups)
Send me an email if you have questions about Dancing with The Wheel, or if you have questions for me about other options. Please check the rest of the Healing Journeys I have available to see if maybe you'd want to make it a weekend of Healing and Connecting with the purest of Frequency, Vibration and Energy that is not only within Sedona, but most importantly, within YOU!
*This Journey is 3 Hours
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