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UnConditional Love

UnConditional Love: To Love someone not just for Who they are, but also for the Gifts they Give you, AND, Loving them for the Gifts they Don't Give you!
To Truly understand what UnConditional Love means, you first Get To see how you feel about...YOU!
Through this Session, you will learn to recognize that your Heart has always been there for you and for others and that it was merely a "Fall from Grace" that kept you from knowing it. You will gain skills of Self-Love and Self-Peace that can last the rest of your life. You will clearly understand the WHY behind our Emotions and our desire to 'Emoji' ourselves right out of our Relationships. You will sink deep into the REAL Truth about Life, Love and Happiness.
UnConditional Love is a commitment to Self and Others that regardless of what comes next, you will commit to Loving them in, and through it all! The only way we can Love without Judgement or Expectations of the final Outcome, is to Love UnConditionally! 
This Journey is 3 Hours 
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