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Meditation, Sound and Vibration

Meditation is a well known practice that started thousands of years ago (said to be from Luyi, Henen through Daoist; Laozi), but the history of it is not what needs to be focused on. It appears that almost everyone today is simply looking for a way to find Peace and Quiet in their lives and to help stop the "Monkey-Mind" from taking over.
Let me introduce you to the Simplest ways of Meditation and provide you with the easiest way to carry it with you through the Three Power Aspects of Meditation. Learning these Three Aspects will ensure that when you return to your regular life, you will no longer be asking yourself if you can "find time" to practice it! 
The Healing powers of Sound, Frequency and Vibrational Compatibility work has been around for thousands of years but in most recent times, it has been studied and found to create Shifts in the brain to release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin as well as decrease stress and increase focus.
When we add these practices to our daily lives, we will certainly receive benefits far beyond our current understanding, and that may even create a shift in our clarity of WHO we are! 
This Journey is 2 Hours
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