Native American Flute Music

"I am self-taught and learned through the feel of the earth. My inspirations come from artists such as Tony Duncan, R. Carlos Nakai, Joseph Firecrow, Mary Youngblood and many more. I have made my music through my heart and soul and my spiritual balance with the Earth. Every song was played with intent and love. Every song is original and unique and almost every song was recorded in Sedona, AZ inside the Red Rocks."  -  Bear













Perfect for meditation, hiking, yoga or just the pure enjoyment of hearing Native American Flutes being played in Sedona, AZ. With only 1 cover song, every piece is original and recorded at time of creation. Natural reverb and echoes from the canyon walls are heard and some deeper moments inside special sacred caves and ruin sites. His incomparable sounds are recognized throughout Sedona by the locals and by thousands of listeners across the globe. He has been sought after for spiritual healing ceremonies, re-birthing ceremonies, land-blessing ceremonies, crossing-over ceremonies and has produced hundreds of music videos to share his passion partnering up with local businesses to create Music Videos for advertising and marketing (such as The Center For The New Age and Sedona Segway Tours). 

Check out his collections available in hard-copy or download. His music is also available on ALL the major music sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, CreateSpace, Pandora and others - see links below for details).


Amazon Music has all of my collections for sale in either Hard Copy or Download. 

CDBaby is one of the best and highest rated music stores online for professional musicians and music lovers. Get your download of my first Single; Walk Side by Side off my historic album; Walking The Red Road

​iTunes is THE stop for music downloads. Search for Yava-Coco and get all of my songs available for download!

Spotify is THE place for listening and downloading music from artisits just like Bear. Check out the link and get your SPOTIFY on!

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The terms "Native American Flute" and "Indian Flute" are used to describe the style of music that I create. It does not imply that all flutes and/or music is made by a member of a Native American tribe although all of my Native American Flute recordings are with a Navajo-made Flute. In truth, I was born native to America, and have ancestral blood from Native Americans.  However, as a non "card carrying American", in order to comply with mandates set down by The Department of the Interior, I have included this disclaimer.

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