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Releasing Attachments to Your Addictions

When you find the answers to this question, you will find the Power to dig in and clear the slate. To start walking in a New Self that has a clear understanding of where you WERE and where you are GOING, but Most importantly, where you are...NOW!
As you have learned from the very beginning of your work in Recovery, you are Responsible for You! But you have also learned that simply "detoxing" from the 'thing' doesn't FIX's simply ONE aspect of the Healing process. 
Let me walk you into the Truth behind Addictions and why they 'seem' so hard to Heal from. There are a lot of hard Truths when it comes to Addictions and Recovering. Together, we Get To clarify them and work towards having all the tools you need to be able to finally say; "I AM Recovered!" 
This Journey is 3 Hours
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